Care and Cleanse Routine for Your Viking Drinking Horn
Todays Viking drinking horns are well crafted by craftsmen, using real animal horns especially cattle horns. This means that they will come in different colors and sometimes shapes since cattle horns can differ. The vikingĀ horns are used as a drinking vessel and today's horns are well adjusted to suit various types of drinks such as hot drinks, cold drinks, and even alcoholic drinks. The interiors of these drinking horns are therefore well customized to suit such needs since you might have different types of drinks that you would like to take using the horn. Since most of these drinking horns are made from animal products, there is need to take good care of your horn to ensure that it lasts long.

Cleaning it properly is one of the care routines for your drinking horn. Cleaning is also probably the best care routine for your drinking horn since you don't want bad odor coming from it or having some remnants in the drinks horn. Some of the horns have a smooth and safe coating on the inside to make cleaning easy for you by ensuring there are no rough places where dirt can cling on and make it hard to clean. It's important to rinse your drinking horn immediately after using it even if you won't completely wash it at the time to ensure you don't have drink remnants drying up in there. After rinsing it's recommended to dry the horn by placing it upside down which ensures that the all the water is drained. For full cleaning, you can use a bottle brush to clean the inside of the drinking horn. You can find a bottle brush at places where you buy utensils or cleansing materials since the brushes will help you reach every part of the drinking horn. Warm and soapy water is usually very helpful in cleaning. As part of taking care for your horns, it's important to ensure that your horns do not come into contact with sharp objects which might scratch the outside of your horn. Avoid microwave and other heat sources which can cause your horn to crack. Avoid using other methods of dish washing for the drinking horns but instead use hand wash only. If you were not told by the seller if your drinking horn is suited for hot drinks, then consider not using it for hot drinks.